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Ready to change your life? And start creating the one you’ve been yearning for?  You didn’t choose your path. She has chosen it for you.  Your soul has a purpose, and unique qualities, so if you are ready to begin exploring these and break free from what has been holding you back. I invite you to join me for a Lucky Soul™ Intensive VIP day.   To reconnect with your own inner medicine, soul gifts and beautiful intuition.


To begin the journey of healing, reclaiming your feminine power, creativity and the magic that is living and breathing inside of you.


Discover the powerhouse you are by tapping into your divine guidance superpower.  And become a clear channel for spirit. Your spirit opening up to receiving new possibilities. And creating a whole new reality.


Are you feeling a little disconnected, lost from who you really are, your soul gifts?  And not truly knowing if you’re doing the right thing in your life or aligned with your online business.   (Alignment to your soul blueprint is everything). Energetic alignment is everything. Clients are not going to be showing up if you are not aligned with who you’ve come here to be.


So if you’re asking yourself is this really it?  Am I really on my path, is this really my purpose.  But you know you are here to do something exquisite, it’s time to remember who you are.  Too truly align with your true nature, gifts and purpose.  This is where the magic happens.


When we are not truly stepping into the greater versions of ourselves.  We are either sacrificing a part of ourself, waiting for someones permission or in fear of owning it all.   So we end up dancing around the periphery of who we really are not fully shining our light.


The result; boredom, depression, disconnect, feelings of not being good enough creep in, not worthy, and before you know it you’ve gone down the bunny trail are feeling like you want to give up.


You are the one you’ve been waiting for. Ask yourself what do you want to share with the world? Are you really being true to you, do you really know who She is, are you owning your gifts and showing up as the woman you’ve come here to be?  With all the noise on line its so easy to get confused and then lose yourself. Morphing into others.  I’ve seen it happen and I did this myself. I had to turn everything off and find myself again. Who I really was.  What my true gifts were and how I can best be of service and make a handsome income in the process.  Just by being me.


Every woman needs to set her soul’s voice and gifts set  free, by re-igniting the magic within and healing the core wounds that have her back.  Tuning into her own inner medicine and femininity. So life starts to move with grace and ease and those synchronistic moments.  When we are listening and trusting our intuition, knowing when to move and when to take a pregnant pause.  We are flowing with our own inner cycles.  When we move into this space we have a glow about us, we begin to look younger, feel younger. Something is different.  We are no longer the same person.  For some of us we want to explore new horizons.

Relax unwind and start the journey to unleashing your true nature, in nature. Come back to life. Reconnect with your inner compass and the whispers from your own soul. 


I invite you to join me for a 1 or 2 day depending on your needs, retreat nestled in the heart of the English Countryside. A quintessential 17th Century English Retreat surrounded by healing energy and magic. The moment you step through the door you feel it.


With an innate ability to intuitively sense what is going on with you and what is blocking you.  With the help of my spirit team and guides we are able to help you find clarity and a sense of direction in no time.

Come and receive the practices, intuitive guidance and energy healing to help you awaken your senses, and begin  unleashing the powerhouse you already are.  We will access your own Akashic Records.  This is a little like the internet, it’s a store of all your past lives, your soul gifts, your karma, your life lessons, here we are able to find out why we are the way we are, and why we have certain blocks in our life. Related to money, relationships, business, etc.  And finally begin to release these. Sounds very woo doesn’t it. Well the akashic records exists in the multidimensional universe. It also exists in you.  And based on quantum physics and the work of Scientists Bruce Lipton and Gregg Braydon, we know this too be true.  Which is why every thought, emotion, action you have ever past present and in the future exists now. It’s all consciousness.


Lunch is included and accommodation can be arranged in one of the nearby hotels if required.


To apply contact to find out more information and to see if there is magic between you. If you’ve read this far it’s likely your She has guided you to this site and this very page.


Sarah has journeyed with a foot in both worlds for 25 years. Sensing spirit from the age of 6 she has always been in touch with the other realms. After experiencing a horrific car accident which changed her life at the age of 17 from leaving her paralysed (temporarily) on the right side down, from the effects of a stroke, not able to speak, think or walk properly, she was thrust into the world of energy healing for her own healing and curiosity.  7 years later she had made a full recovery.


Her connection with Spirit grew stronger as did her own spirit as she overcome challenges that were never on the horizon according to medical specialists.


Entering the world of business, then Journalism she travelled, interviewed New York Times best selling authors always feeling like a shadow artist, until one day everything changed again. She had to listen to the call. The whispers had got to loud.  She was beginning to feel dispirited and unfulfilled.   A new chapter began to unfold one where she took the reigns in her own life to live the life she was always meant to, to teach, inspire and guide others to remember who they are.


Now on a mission to show others that anything is possible, that we can carve our own path ways, move mountains, she is hear to guide you back to your own true nature, reconnect with you own inner magic and spirit. Working intuitively, as a medium and today channeling from the higher realms of spirit, and the akashic records, there’s is always lots of fun and messages to be shared.

Having journey through the different levels of psychic, mediumship, channeling and many intuitive energy healing modalities – Soul Alignment, Soul Retrieval, Akashic Records, EFT Matrix Re-imprinting, Reiki, Mind Body Mirror Healing, Timeline therapy, over the years including life, business and spiritual coaching and therapy work she brings all this to the table, and is able to tune in and sense where your blockages are and help you to locate the event and root cause of when this started finally freeing yourself from the ties that bind.   Having coached and worked with hundreds of women in a healing, coaching and intuitive capacity you are in very good hands.



Serena has shared the love!


“Sarah has a real gift, she delivers a flow of information, guidance and inspiration. What she has said about me and my life has been spot on.


When I needed a strong leading figure in my life and some reassurance I found Sarah. She has a way of helping you to realise that your demons are nothing to fear and should be embraced.


What she does and how she does it is massively intriguing it leaves me wanting more. She’s supported, helped and guided me through life when I’ve felt lost. She has encouraged me to believe in myself and continuously held a light for me. As she takes you under her wing in her country home, you feel like you’ve come home! It’s nothing short of a fairy tale retreat.


Somewhere you can escape from all the troubles, as she turns her attention and magical healing energy your way – I love this Lady!” Serena Williams, Toni & Guy, London


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Accommodation is provided for international clients.

We look forward to speaking with you.