Sarah is a self-confessed recovering chocoholic.   After some pretty big wake up calls at 17 and again at 34 years of age which had her questioning her life path, she through herself into everything mind, body and spirit for her own curiosity and healing.

Today as Writer, Intuitive Coach, Spiritual & Transformational Teacher & Speaker, Sarah empowers women to reconnect with their true nature, their soul gifts and intuition for a much more fulfilling and rewarding life, one full of riches on every level, financially, spiritually, emotionally and physically. She believes this is also where true healing occurs, when one can step into their reason for being here and who they truly are. She writes for the Huffington Post and national magazines. And as a former Health & Wellbeing Journalist/Producer she also coaches women running soulful businesses on how to manifest media for their voice and take their soulful messages out there.





Diploma in Magazine Journalism/NCTJ (2008)

BA (Hons) Business Management & Marketing (1997)

Life & Business Coaching (2015)


Complementary & Alternative

Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner (2010)

Matrix Re-imprinting Practitioner (2010)

Mind Body Mirror Healing Practitioner (2010)

Intuitive & Esoteric Studies at AFC in Stansted (2001 – 2008)

Reiki Practitioner 1, 2 1995

Transcedental Meditation Practitioner (2014)

DNA Interference Pattening (2001)

Seikiem Energy Healing

Energy Transmutation Practitioner

Tarot, Psychometry, Chakra Healing






Topics Interested in talking around:

Creating a mindset for success

How to connect with your best self

Self mastery – mindset

Money Mindfulness – Wealth consciousness

How to develop intuition

How to manifest desires, abundance & prosperity

Self love best practices for wellbeing

The mind body connection & healing




My story


On the eve of mothers day, just before turning 18 I received a ‘wake up’ call, I was hurled outside of a back car window screen as the car ran off the road.


I suffered severe head injuries that left me with the effects of a Stroke and paralysis on the right side of my body. (Temporarily thankfully) but this changed everything. I left hospital in a wheelchair, couldn’t think or speak without it sending my head fuzzy.


I started asking those big questions that we all ask at some point – what’s it all about? Who am I? Why am I here? From that day on I had one focus and that was to show myself and everyone else that anything is possible with belief, faith in your own spirit and a lot of gusto. For myself back then, it was as though someone had lit a fire under my butt.


Empowering myself to heal rather than falling victim to my circumstances I started again. Within months I met my soul mate, life was good, 7 years on I was armed with my business management degree, working towards my CIM in marketing and ready to take on the world. This was never on the horizon according to specialists. I was also developing in the intuitive and healing arts. For my own curiosity, so, I had a foot in both worlds.


A few years later after working in Marketing, intuition led me to the BBC, through synchronistic events. I stayed long enough to spring boarded my Journalism career. Alas, in the busyness of life I turned my back on my intuition. I stopped listening to her. My 17 years relationship crumbled leaving me feeling lost, numb and disconnected even more from who I was. I spiraled down into chronic fatigue. All areas of my life were affected. I didn’t want to get up in the morning I just wanted to hide under the duvet. If it wasn’t for those 7 o’clock alarm calls from my own inner voice saying, “Sarah, time to get up,” I would have just lie there. I was like Dorothy, out of the Wizard of Oz asleep in my own private poppy field.


One afternoon late in the summer of 2008, walking my dog, I started seeing visions of Thailand, Bali and the South of France, that small inner voice started talking, “go to Thailand.” I was having visions of me lying on the beach, going up and down the mountains on a scooter visiting the medicine people, in the hill tribes … and so it was. My Eat, Play, Love Fest began and I bought 3 tickets. I started to listen and follow my intuition.


Today I love my work as an Intuitive Success Coach, Inspirational Speaker & Writer, I travel running workshops and programs to teach women how to reconnect with their own inner magic and thrive.




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