Coffee Parisian Style

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Coffee Parisian Style

Time to reflect! Nothing like a good cuppa coffee Parisian style! And of course their beautiful flower markets! One thing I learned while in Paris is dreams do come true we can manifest good coffee wink emoticon and flower markets by staying focused on our desires.  Keeping your eye on the coffee lol and out of the voice of the ego – you know the one that tirelessly try to dampen your parade, you will see the light through the cracks in the wall. Align you beliefs with what you want! And know you are worthy, deserving and ready to receive!

Stay connected to the greater vision and part of you (higher self) as much as possible. You can feel when you’ve connected to source energy it’s lighter, apart from the fact you will probably have a smile come across your face one that genuinely says “I’m pleased to meet you, I want to hear what you have to say.”

Looking to for some inner peace (to let go of the struggle) – connect, when writing a blog post, connect, 11350643_10153051342641051_6921347984357977685_nwhen going into a discovery call, when doing a client session, when going into a conversation with anyone. When trying to create a flow of abundance into your life – connect. Take a few breathes. See and feel this energy rising into your body from soles of your feet and out through your crown chakra! This way you will inspire, you will empower. you will open up to receive the gifts in front of you nose. Before you approach anything always connect with that higher part of you, here you channel from a greater intelligence! And boom! Conversation flows, a real connection is made. Everything is heightened. We move into flow. Synchronicity has a way of showing up!!! To not do this is to keep so much from each other. You are carrying around a part of you that know one else has its uniquely you. So do whatever you can to share this and your voice! We need what you’ve got!

Then soon enough when you didn’t even see it coming you reached the tipping point. You were to busy enjoying yourself getting on with what you love and doing it in the best way you know how. You had stirred up the miraculous, creative energy around you and behind the scenes this was flirting with you, lining up all the right people, opportunities and coffee wink emoticon to bring your manifestation into physical form. Today YOUR LIFE BY DESIGN! Trust in a greater intelligence it is there always working on our behalf, with the right mindset, and connection to that powerful energy that you are anything is possible! You can never can never truly know what is around the corner, why? You are only doing half the work, the Universe is doing the rest!

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