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If you want to create a more fulfilling life, awaken to limitless abundance, soul gifts, passion, purpose, money,  spirit, pleasure and magik your’e in the right place.  Today as Writer, Intuitive Coach, Spiritual & Transformational Teacher & Speaker, Sarah empowers women to reconnect with their true nature, soul gifts and intuition for a more rewarding life, one full of riches on every level, spiritually, emotionally and financially. Sarah is known as a leading light to guide you in remembering who you. 

10300958_10153051348421051_1287857789416157548_nI know there’s a fire in your belly, you want more… I can sense it too! There is nothing that stirs my soul more than to help you create a more meaningful and fulfilling life one that excites the pants of you fully in your feminine power standing out from the crowd, shining and thriving fearlessly.

One full of riches on all levels! Love, money, health, tribe and meaningful contribution.

As a global cosmopolitan, running retreats, private intensives, online group programs and working 1-1.   She uses a blend of intuitive, transformational, mindset, spiritual tools as well as PR with Soul to help you share you Gift & make an impact.

An Inspirational Speaker and former Health & Wellbeing Journalist. Sarah also writes for the popular Huffington Post, blogger for Soul & Spirit Magazine and been fortunate to grace the pages of many others. Today she empower’s women to go from merely surviving to creating a soul filled life.

In my former life I worked for many years in the Corporate world in Marketing Communications then Media as a Journalist. Spring boarding my Journalism career from the BBC. (So, business savvy and I love a great story.) So everything I do now has all these skills brought to the table.

With six sensory vision and nearly 2 decades studying the Intuitive Arts – you know that woo woo stuff, I’m someone who sees, hears, feels and has a deep inner knowing about ‘things.’  Psst!!!…this is something you have too! And believe me it comes in handy when sorting the wheat from the chaff.

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone elses life. Don’t be traped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truely want to become.” ~ Steve Jobs

Trained as a Spiritual Medium (my awakening began at 14 years of age), Akashic Records Practitioner, Energy Medicine, Reiki, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Matrix Re-imprinting and a host of different Healing Modalities, Spiritual Psychology, Metaphysics and Transcedental Meditation. I have a treasure trove of tools to support and guide those I work closely with. Along with Life & Business Coaching.

 When you focus you mind, dust of the karma drama, resolving the underlying issues and limiting beliefs that are clogging up your energy system, sending you dizzy, life starts changing. Together we start raising your vibration, opening you up to your greatest gifts, your feminine power, sexual magic and ‘intuition’ that is always giving you what you need.       As if something mysterious is being weaved into the fabric of your everyday life you begin to experience the right people, places, messages, signs and business opportunities start knocking at your door to help you actualise your desires and greater vision in the world.   I’ll guide you in resolving limiting beliefs – shifting your wealth consciousness and any limiting beliefs around money, yes we all have them and its those that stop us accumulating the wealth that is stopping you from claiming the life you deserve.  Reconnecting with your inner compass is where the magic happens and life delivers its miracles, the LOVE, money and tribe you’ve been longing to connect with.

“Sarah Is a gift of pure energy and divine guidance. I have never met any coach that is so well rounded with the best of online marketing, spiritual guidance, mindset shifts, how to get published to unleashing your authentic voice. She is a true coach that can help you breakthrough your limiting beliefs and vibrate and attract your tribe at an authentic level. She is so committed to your vision and can meet you along your journey wherever you are because she brings a comprehensive background that will over deliver every time. she is able to channel divine guidance that can shift your perspective in minutes. Thank you Sarah for our journey together, I could have never done this with out you. “~ Blessings Michelle Marie Ashley Spiritual Business Coach to Yoga Entrepreneurs  www.michelle-ashley.com

“Sarah’s intuition and messages made so much sense to me, about what’s been surrounding me, and where things are headed should I stay on the path I’m on. She clarified so much and pointed me in a direction that feels perfect, leaving me feeing empowered, inspired and excited as a result. Thank you Sarah” Alice Grist, Bestselling Author, www.alicegrist.co.uk

Here are some of my non mainstream credentials & qualifications 

Complementary & Alternative

Life & Business Coaching (2015)   Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner (2010)   Matrix Re-imprinting Practitioner (2010)   Mind Body Mirror Healing Practitioner (2010)   Intuitive & Spiritual Mediumship Studies at Arthur Findlay College in Stansted (2004 – 2010)   Reiki Practitioner 1, 2 (2005)   Transcedental Meditation Practitioner (2014)   DNA Interference Pattening (2005)   Seikiem Energy Healing (2005)   Tarot, Psychometry,   Chakra Healing, Crystals, Akashic Records Practitioner.

So if you are done for settling in this life, come closer.

parisseineEven with the feisty nature and business acumen my journey has been a very spirited one. On the eve of mothers day, just before turning 18 I received a ‘wake up’ call, I was hurled outside of a back car window screen as the car ran off the road and landed on my head in a ditch.       I suffered from severe head injuries which left me with the effects of a Stroke and paralysis on my right side of my body (temporarily thankfully) but this changed everything.       I had no use of my right arm, couldn’t speak without slurring or think without it sending my head fuzzy.  But I empowered myself to heal, my intuition cracked open, I’m not sure if this was a result of the accident but suddenly I was living from my sixth sense like I did as a child.       More importantly I knew with every cell of my body that anything was possible in  this life.  There was nothing in this life I couldn’t do if I focused my mind. And so it was. Life began again…literally. I had to give up my career as a hairdresser when I did eventually return to work some months later as I was unable to walk up the stairs, or remember anything. I was serving up teas, coffees and getting everything in a muddle.  And don’t get me started on what styling hair was like, I was trying to do it with one hand.  I had no use of my right arm. That’s when I knew it was over. But life was beginning again with a new found awareness.       My journey into the Healing and Intuitive Arts began with some of the best schools in the world.  I was immersed in Energy medicine, spiritual psychology, and work on a deep intuitive level for my own healing and curiosity. Winding forward 7 years I was also armed with BA (Hons) Degree, Chartered in Marketing and I’d met my soul mate.  In 2000 I was even sitting for a fast track Law Degree – all in one year of course. Go girl!  Basically I’d beaten the odds that were stacked against me and according to Medical professionals, this was never on the horizon!  But I always had my mind completely focused on my desires with the full intention of creating the life  I wanted and constantly stayed ‘tuned in’ to my inner wisdom.       Alas, 17 years later… at 34 after having been with my partner for 17 years, yes 17 is a popular number in my chart! I experienced a second blow, I’d lost myself in the relationship and life.  (It happens – I’m only human) I no longer recognised myself anymore, I felt lost in the fog, disconnected from who I really was.  This forced me to turn inwards, to dive deep and begin healing the unresolved issues I was carrying. My self love affair and worldwide travel began.  I did the whole EAT PLAY LOVE fest!  And had my own self love affair with life.  I bought 3 tickets, France, for season in the French Alps skiing, Thailand and lastly I travelled through Bali!  On my own trail of Eat Play Love.  I even met a tall dark brazilian!       I’m here with a strong message, to remind you that you are special, there is nothing you cannot do, you have a power inside of you capable of moving mountains, when you tap into it. You do not have to settle for a life of bread and cheese when you can go straight to the banquet.  I’m here to show you how.       I love Chocolate, Prosecco & Cute heels!  I’m crazy about the buzz of City life Paris, London, New York, but feel at home in Bali and Thailand on the beach, and in my Country Retreat.

What do I love and what do I believe …

I believe in miracles, in wholehearted living and the power of self-love. I believe in giving our Spirit a platform to express itself in what ever way it chooses.  Fully embracing our feminine gifts and intuition, living from our innocence, listening to our inner guidance instead of making knee jerk reactions, getting stuck in the monkey mind, and trust me in daily practice.       I love connecting with others, creating different projects, writing, producing and LOVE Chocolate.  In my spare time you will find me either having coffee with friends, reading a good book, out in nature, on a bike or shuffling the oracle cards!

Big Love

Sarah x