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The time is now to follow the heart
And shine your light on any dark…
Be the flame igniting the light in others…
Healing yourself, your Sisters and Brothers

Lose the stories you chose to create
And be inspired by a love that’s great
When you can love yourself with all your heart
You’ll lessen the grip on the ego’s part

There is a special gift in a soul laid bare
And a love no greater than the gift to share
So turn to your light in times of darkness
And remember to share with your sisters and brothers

It’s when we chose to hang out in the dark corridors of our mind
In the eye of anger we become so blind
But a change in perception can turn on the lights
For there lies our Miracle waiting to take flight
When we turn it over to a greater power
We step forward on a new path one to heal and empower

So, embrace your weakness, your weirdness and woes
Even the wobbly bits from your head to your toes
These are what make you, you gorgeous lady of the light
So immerse in your funkiness with sheer delight
There is nothing in this world you have to be
So indulge in the moment and set yourself free

Join me in celebrating the gift that you are
The Macaroons are laid out and Rose Champaign at the bar
So lets raise a glass to the amazing Sista that you are 😉

~ Sarah Dyer 🙂

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