Re-connect to your Inner Magic & Fame!

Own your Brilliance … It’s time to Rise Sister Rise!


Every Woman has a calling … it’s time to unleash the wise woman and share yours! 


3  Months Intimate 1-1 Mentoring/Coaching & Healing Program 


My mission is to help light workers, healers, coaches, therapists, creatives, mentors, spiritual teachers those with a big heart, to believe in unlimited possibility and potential. To tap more into their intuitive and soul gifts and step fully into their super powers as a woman. Claiming their birth right. More money, more freedom, a better lifestyle and to create the lives and soulful businesses they love, sharing their gifts and taking their message out there impacting the lives of others. 



If you are the kind of woman that is:


  • Know’s you are here to do something meaningful with your life.  You know you’re here to inspire others, to share your message, to help others heal, to step fully into their potential

  • But you’re feeling a little confused, anxious as you’re going in circles not quite sure how to make all this happen

  • Doubting yourself, doubting your gifts, unsure of some of your gifts,

  • Unable to manifest your desires in life and your soulful business

  • Finding yourself getting more and more emotionally depleted as you wonder if its ever going to happen in the way you desire

  • Lie awake at night worrying about how you are going to change as you feel your dreams paling into the distance, you’re starting to feel dispirited.

  • But now you’re done with overwhelm and struggle and want to start listening to your intuition thats been telling you to do that thing you’ve always dreamed of

  • You are ready to listen to your soul’s calling and do what lights you up

  • You want it all, the freedom, love, money and success and unbridled happiness



There is nothing more confusing than knowing we are here to do something great but not being able to make sense of it all. Not having complete clarity, on how this is suppose to look. This kind of confusion can leave us going in circles for months, even years.


So I want you to think back to a time when you felt giddy with excitement, happiness and connection, with a sense of adventure, freedom and peace in life.  You didn’t feel stuck. You didn’t have a care in the World, everything seemed to flow.


You weren’t doubting yourself.  You didn’t feel like a bird trapped in a cage, flapping around! You were happy, alive living in the moment. Hold that thought!


Some of the Worlds most SUCCESSFUL and THRIVING Women at some point in their lives have felt broken either emotionally, physically, spiritually or financially. These women have all met with the dark nights of the soul, lie awake at night wondering what if,” praying for some kind of relief, “What do I do? I don’t know what to do? Please tell me what to do?” Confused, doubting themselves, not knowing where to turn or who to turn to. Think New York Times bestselling Author, Elizabeth Gilbert, Founder of OWN TV Network, Oprah Wimprey!


Tapping into their own inner voice they’ve gone on to create EXTRA-ORDINARY SUCCESS & Happiness. From Authoring Bestselling Books, creating 6 & 7 figure businesses, to TV Networks, and some to blockbuster movies!  And lives they love.  If that is your desire you too can be one of them.


The only thing between you and actualizing your desires is the BS you keep telling yourself as to why you cannot achieve I know I got brilliant at it, until I stopped listening to the old stories my mind was repeating over and over again.


You deserve to live an extra-ordinary life one full of riches on every level.  That’s where I come in.  Are you ready to say ‘YES’ to your desires, whatever they are and finally give yourself permission to be that woman you were born to be?  Are you open, willing and available to start creating the life they were born for.  This all begins with our own personal mastery.  This program is about reconnecting with your own inner magic & higher power.


I will support & guide you in reconnecting with your inner guide, tune into your own personal power and creativity, begin breaking the inner glass ceilings to begin actualising your highest possibilities & potential for this lifetime. And some… so keep reading! It’s going to get juicy!


We dive deep, we explore, reach for a higher vibration as we remove the beliefs and structures that have been in our way, making new beliefs and structures that leave us feeling giddy with contagious joy for life again.


No more fearing stepping out, as you feel empowered, you OWN your gifts and talents, you know you’re on purpose, as you’ve met your inner teacher and genius.


You will learn how to tap into and live from this higher place within, where all the wisdom resides.  You will notice and be amazed by how quickly life starts changing, shifting and flowing with grace and ease as you move into flow with the rhythm of the universe.


You will become the mistress of your destiny with a deep inner knowing that you do know.  Let your Soul be in the driving seat love so we can begin harnessing your intuition, unlimited power and new creative possibilities creating a life you really are in love with.


No idea is to big! You can be do and have anything you want:


  • Become a spiritual leader fully in her feminine power
  • Tap into your spiritual and intuitive gifts
  • Travel the world teaching, inspiring and healing lives
  • Manifest the money, more intimate relationships, and a better lifestyle
  • Launch your soulful business, retreats, speaking gigs
  • You Tube channel or Best selling book
  • Nothing is too big!

Whatever you desire its all waiting for you.  Become a feminine spiritual leader, share you gifts and make an impact changing the lives of others around the world.  It’s all within reach, when you come into alignment with you divine gifts, soul purpose, take inspired action, and make your desires a non negotiable.  


3 Month Private 1-1 Program  (tailored to where you are now!)


This program is infused with Soul work.  So you can be fully aligned in your life and business. Making it different from any other coaching and mentoring program out there.  Your Soul gets to lead.

That’s why it’s a stella program.  It’s an infusion of the woo & deeply aligned authentic soul work and strategy so you too can build a spiritually rooted business that feeds your soul and lets you live abundantly.


  • Turn your passion into a pay check by becoming crystal clear on your soul gifts, desires and what lights you up.

  • Hone your feminine gifts and intuition to an advanced level for better life & business decisions

  • Learn how to listen & trust your inner guide and six sense (5 clairs) – practices for these.  Over your fears.  Discover how to connect with your own Spirit, Higher Self, & Teachers

  • Learn how to access information about yourself and clients in the Akashic Records & discover how to manifest in the Akashic Records

  • Discover a new level of confidence, self worth and unshakable self belief.  With spiritual principles and energy work that will come part of your daily spiritual practice to help you magnetise infinite abundance.

  • Fully in your feminine, awakening your own divine super powers

  • Stepping into your full creative potential

  • Breaking the inner glass ceilings and reprogramming the limiting thinking that have kept you stuck and  going in circles

  • How to craft and share your message impacting the lives of others so they feel this and come running to work with you

  •  Breaking through your money stories (mastering your money mindset)

  • Step into a world of unlimited possibilities & abundance and learn to make decisions from a miracle mindset

  • Manifest media for your message in print, online, radio or tv

  • Energetic Sales & Marketing to take your message out there


After a full discovery call to find out exactly your needs this program is tailored to you.


If you are feeling the call to something bigger, to wake up in the morning feeling alive, visible for the world to see, tuned in…speaking your truth unapologetically. Raising the bar and break free from anything thats been holding you back.   Come even closer!


…”If you are willing to listen to, be guided by, that small voice that is the G.P.S within yourself, to find out what makes you come alive, you will be more than okay. You will be happy, you will be successful, and you will make a difference in the world” ~ Oprah Winfrey


  • On this journey with me you will start to feel empowered, magnetic and thriving,  as your confidence and intuition begins to soar. You will start to shift into the woman you have come here to be finally out of the shadows, no longer crying behind closed doors.


  • Begin start showing up as your best self fully aligned with you soul gifts, purpose and mission here. Taking this out into the world, acting in a way congruent with the woman you have come here to be. Bursting with confidence, and feeling totally alive. No longer worried about what others think, starting to do those things in life that you’ve for too long left on the back burner in fear of how this will be received.


  • Every woman has a story.  In telling our stories we heal and this has a ripple effect on everyone you come into contact with.  In your story lies your purpose, your mission and and your truth


  • When you come into full alignment with who you are here to serve and what you are here to do – your mission and message will bleed through everything you say and do!  Why? You are it! And imagine being able to actually share who you are, connecting with the masses!  Has this got you thinking?


Some love

So what can I say about Sarah? If I hadn’t hired her 6 months ago my life would be VERY different than it is now.

I was just starting to come out of my lowest point after taking an online course and thought I was on the mend. I didn’t know I still really needed help until I got on a discovery call with her and within minutes burst into tears (something I NEVER do). She has been amazing in helping me heal from some past trauma and in the process of doing so helped me discover a passion for helping women in a similar situation to me move past their trauma. Working with her has been great! She’s patient, intuitive, funny and has a way about her that puts you at ease. She has even managed to get me do something I have a phobia about……being on camera. She asked me to create a video testimonial for her. And what do you know? Pushing me out of comfort zone wasn’t that bad. Who knew?!

It’s been stressful, exhausting, and a lot of hard work but very liberating, without Sarah I’m not sure I could have done it. She has been a godsend. The Universe sent me what I needed when I needed it and I’m forever grateful for that and to her.

Tracy Keeping,



This 3 month program includes:

  • 12 1 hour 1-1 private sessions
  • Full Email support
  • Welcome Pack, Templates/Meditations/Guidebooks
  • Unique blend and expertise of an Intuitive Soul & Success Coach, Medium, Transformational & Spiritual Teacher and former communications expert – Journalist/PR  (So we have your message, your marketing and your story nailed!)


Having graced the pages of several magazines and recognized by leading glossies and a regular blogger for the famous News site The Huffington Post you’re in good hands. I’m a qualified Journalist having started my media career at the BBC on the Action Desk then as a researcher and mid morning broadcast assistant. Worked in high level marketing and PR roles. Bringing all my experience together I can show you how to get your story and message seen by the media and position yourself as the expert in your field. Helping you to spread you message to the masses.


“So appreciative as I listened for about the 5th time to my session again with   Sarah – what an amazing experience! Sarah really helped me put some pieces together that lately have been eluding me. I’ve been holding things at arms length, not truly letting my gifts and creativity out of a box in which I seem to have locked them away. Sarah helped me unlock and truly see and feel the things I could sense were there. She has a true gift of connection…of knowing, and you can tell when you speak with her, magic. I highly recommend giving her a shout if you’re feeling like you’re so close you can taste it but something seems to be holding you back. It’s a beautiful thing.”

Amy Nicole Naim, Next Life Adventures

Wellbeing & Prosperity Coaching 💕




ps… The time is now!! Our ego minds will always come up with excuses as to why not to do something, telling us the time is not right for one reason or another…but I’m here to tell you, your life is happening right now, in this very moment so don’t waste another minute of it. When you make one step forward the Universe will always support you!  You owe it to yourself to live a more creative, expansive, nourishing, and soulful rich waking life!


Today I’m finally living my truth, I’m on purpose, fulfilling my wildest dreams and now travelling to different parts of the world to support beautiful women just like you. With plans over the next few months to travel to the South of France, New York and Bali.  Trusting my Intuition and deepest desire to be of service, walking away from a ‘normal 9 – 5 job’  is what has me to this path in life, and I will never look back.  Last year joining a group of 200 strong empowering women around the world to champion one another, and live full out. This could be you! You only have to make a decision and say ‘YES’ to yourself. Don’t wait for someone else to give you permission.


All programs are tailored to the individual.  What is set out here is only a guideline. Depending on individual requirements and circumstances the timescale of the program will also differ.

All programs are tailored to the individual.