Don’t fall asleep at the Wheel … Start your own Self Love Affair with Life!

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Don’t fall asleep at the Wheel … Start your own Self Love Affair with Life!

Start your own Self Love Affair with Life!! I remember thinking this in 2007! I’m sure many of you can resonate in some way or another in your own lives.  It was around this time my life felt like it was crumbling beneath me…

Everything seem to come in spades. I separated from a 17 years relationship, lost my dear Nan who was my rock. My Westie became ill, and shortly died she was my partner in crime, I had to move back to my parents for a short time as more money was going out than in.

I lost myself, self worth, sunk into depression and life felt pretty shit! I didn’t recognise myself anymore and everyone around me walked on eggshells. If only I knew then what I know now… but our soul chooses these lessons for one reason or another. Didn’t feel like it at the time though just felt like I’d been thrown one sucker punch! I just kept going between the emotions of loneliness, grief and despair. And oh boy didn’t I stamp my feet and join the victim neighbourhood. I prayed a lot – really!! But I didn’t think anyone was paying attention until of course I started to hear the rustling in my room of a presence and sparkly lights in the darkness … this gave me comfort in the sense that i was being watched over. The noise freaked me out a bit at times though lol but the presence of spirt, angels, God call it what you will, was there always by my side.


One of the many nights I lie in bed awake beating my my pillow I wondered to myself “how do I get out of this mess?” My mess being the monkey mind of course it was all between the ears. I had given away all my power, it wasn’t until I let go and listened to my inner spirit things changed. When I allowed spirit to take the wheel, I felt safe. I was a grown woman lying awake at night in fear of my future and the past I’d left behind. I was so far out of the present. Mindfulness what was that all about? I was too busy worrying over what hadn’t even happened yet. Don’t even get me started on the Gremlins I was hanging out with in the basement! Then one day I heard my call! You know the CALL that one everyone talks about! wink emoticon Over my parents vineyards watching Molly my Westie run between the vines, I heard ‘Go to Thailand!’ That evening I was straight on the laptop checking out the prices… My Dad just looked at me and said:


“What you doing? Just go!!!!! Do it! You have so much right under your nose, you are being so hard on yourself. And now being given what to do next – so go! . Live life to the fullest Sarah and never look back.” Wise words…

And so my Eat Play Love Affair with life began, I bought 3 tickets… in the name of Thailand, South of France and then onto Bali! But even in my travels I still felt lost, lol that’s the biggest thing I learned. I thought I would find myself through my travels I never did! I found myself bit by bit, it didn’t happen overnight and no medicine man was there to give me a magic brew, actually they did in Bali and it tasted ewe…love the Balians though! But I did find a sense of freedom and the magic of synchronicity. The sense of freedom had me open up my own ‪#‎lovinglight‬. Thinking I needed it from someone else external to me. That was truly what I was searching for. The day I found myself was the day I felt a rush of this come washing over my entire body smile emoticon I had spent a while in the dark nights of the soul traveling the dark corridors of my mind. But when that feeling came it was dare I say it … euphoric! I’d come home, home to my spirit – to who I really was, I was touched by my own inner Gypsy and could feel her #lovinglight, it consumed me, her essence – that light in all our eyes. On that note… the day that light goes out is that day we need to course correct and buy those tickets in what ever way it is for us! More importantly it’s never to late to start that self love affair! So, start yours today!

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