Sexy Divine Money Miracles is a magical ebook that will take you through 7 sacred steps to clear up your energetic vibration and start attracting money.  Becoming the vibrational match for your desires. Start falling in love with yourself and having a love affair with money.

“Rise sister rise it is time to open your heart, ovaries & bank account to an avalanche of divine abundance.” 

It’s no ordinary manifesting guide.  Here we dive into the juicy topic of Sex Magic beyond the Bedroom, which is all about raising our Shakti, turning on and cultivating our sexual energy. Here lies the magic when it comes to manifesting.  It’s all in how healthy our sexual energy is and of course how well are looking after ourselves. If you want to truly align yourself with money then, it’s no different to getting ready for prince charming.  You’ve got to look, and feel like a million dollars, inside and out, energetically shifting yourself into the vibration of what you want.  Not to mention that he can find you.  That’s no different to money.  Clear your junk from your trunk and get your mojo on.  ‘It’s a Godsend,’ so I’ve been told.

If you would like a copy you can purchase yours today for only £11.11.  Along with this you will receive a guided meditation which has been created with love in the vortex. Powerful beyond measure.  So my love if you are ready to start moving mountains in your life and attracting more abundance, and prosperity try out this little book which is packed with rituals, healing activations and mantra’s to help you on your way to creating a whole new experience.

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