Cultivating your feminine power for optimum success

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Cultivating your feminine power for optimum success

Cultivate your feminine power (this also relates to men, this is not a sexist thing we all have both the feminine and masculine  energies), harnessing the feminine energy – our intuition, creativity and inspiration creates a stream of abundance … All is now possible only if you step out of those big comfy slippers and into the unknown! Bust through your blocks and OUT OF THE COMFORT ZONE!

Taste the exotic fruits lining up at your door!  Sometimes its difficult to see the light ahead and many people are finding these times to be challenging for different reasons.  We are all going through a massive clearing and healing including the solar system, the earth, nature, animals – everything.  We are all evolving and shifting consciously. You can make this easy on yourself and flow upstream with it.  Or resist it.  When we resist it shows up in the body as aches and pains.  Checking in with yourself daily, keeping centred – going out in nature as much as possible.  And anything that wants to come up to be released she will bring it to the surface. Nature offers many jewels that we take for granted.  She is also the best thing for raising your vibration. Nothing comes close to being in nature!  We are all energy beings as Einstein said, vibrating on a different frequency.  So, if want to leverage up in your business and your life – get out in nature and plug back in.


Meditation is the engine room for success, just a few minutes a day.  This is perfect for gaining clarity on anything and once again raising your frequency.  Combined will open you up fast!  David Lynch, renowned film Director, Donna Karen, Gabby Bernstien … are some extraordinary people who have achieved vast amounts of success in their businesses, advocate meditation as part of their spiritual practice, to heighten intuition and overall success in their life.


The right foods, whole foods, live foods, etc. are essential, we are seeing an increase in Raw foodies, at the very least most are now taking extra special care into what  goes into thier bodies – I’m getting withdrawl symptoms if I don’t have my Green Juice first thing in the morning!! lol!  Juicing is fast becoming the norm among the spiritually aware!  For all the benefits of increased energy and vitality it brings.  Our intuition can tell us a lot about the foods we are putting into our body.


Self love is the elixir for healing as we finally wake up and realise that the sheer act of loving yourself first and foremost, filling up your cup to allow you to be your best, shine brightly and ooze inspiration, creativity and happiness, ripples out to everyone you come into contact with, healing yourself, others and the world.  And this is why we have chosen to be here at this very important time in recorded history, is it not?  Self love is many things but avoiding too much alcohol, negative thoughts, negative people AND too much CHOCOLATE!!! Unless it’s RAW!  Myself being a recovering chocoholic have had a hard time until introduced to Raw chocolate. Self love is having compassion, respect and being kind to yourself, so you can give this out to others in a more authentic way…it’s the pre-requisite for everything in our life to come into alignment.


Strengthening the link between you, your intuition and higher self will be heightened when you engage in holistic practices. I’ve spent years in training and honing my intuition, learning different healing modalities & transpersonal psychology, (amongst working in the business and media world) now only realise we have everything already inside of us…an overused phrase but very true, as the UofLife gives us precisely what we need!  We are all experiencing something on some level and waking up and realising these extra sensory abilities and realising the importance of integrating both the feminine and masculine energies into our life on a daily basis.


It’s time to break the glass ceiling on the old patterns that have held you back, from taking a holistic and integrated way to change your life, not skipping over the emotional centre in the body and thinking that just by taking a positive approach and talk its going to change everything.  Busting through blocks, is an integrated approach involving a relationship with the deeper self on an energetic level. Affirmations on their own don’t always work!Live your life...


Realise you place in the grand scheme of things.  The possibilities that you sense for your life are often outside your sense of self, outside of your core sense of identitiy of who you are, whats possible for you which is why so many find it difficult to evolve beyond the patterns of the past and break through to the other side. We  need to shift our identity at the very core and come into a relationship with the deeper part of us that is holding onto old wounds.  Go inside of the lens to the younger self.  How we show up is often a response to an unconscious beliefs.



We are all now being called to express the deeper potentials of ourselves – our purpose, for love, community, creativity and contribution. So if you want to be free from all the gunk in your life, busting through the blocks that no longer serve your highest purpose.  It’s time to let them go!  Step out! Be bold, be fearless and real…You are unique and deserve the very best life possible and by tapping into your priceless gems, you will start to experience a life your thought you were living on some parallel universe!  As we know through quantum physics – THEY EXIST!!! You are a MULTIDIMENSIONAL being after all!

If you are ready to take those quantum shifts, I invite you to join me and start relating to yourself differently and to recognise the opportunities where you can show up in ways which are true to you… in really powerful ways! In transforming the way you show up … Life will then show up for you!  You will generate new opportunities to reflect who you really are and create businesses, relationships that are more in line with who you’ve become!