How aspiring to become a better person in life & business means letting go of who your thought you were

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I’m guessing after reading this title you might be a little bemused.   But here’s the thing. When we are trying to make any change in our life or business we have to let go of what is no longer working.  Of the stories we bought into about ourselves.  And change the way we’ve been doing things.  We cannot keep doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.  Einstein said that.  

We need to make room for new.  In the letting go the patterns, habits, old stories we’ve bought into from childhood, etc. money stories, like you have to work hard for money, i’m not good enough, or I’m not loveable stories, we are making space for new fresh energy, beliefs, inspired ideas, opportunities and people to come into our life that are more aligned with our vision for a better future.

But first comes the decluttering.  So i want to share with you a few secrets I share with my own clients. And the first thing is to do a life laundry.  What needs to be released?  Take an honest look at all your relationships, who are you hanging out with.  Are they championing you on to become a better person or do you feel negative vibes when you are around them.  Surrounding yourself with people that support you is essential for you spiritual growth and success. Your vibe attracts your tribe, so take a good look at how you are showing up too.  Are you being a good boss? Are you being a good friend? Are you being a good partner? If you have a burning desire to become a successful entrepreneur, leader in your field then show up like one.

Are you happy in your relationship if you have one.  If not it is probably time let that go. You will know if this is what you need to do your own inner voice tells you.  And more often than not its going to be asking you to do things that are way out of your comfort zone.  But it is leading you to a more authentic life.  A better version of you.

Take some time to get quiet and feel into your desires and what your soul is calling you to do, what your spirit wants to experience.  And write it down.  Crack open your journal.

Next, take a look at what needs to go.  Declutter the wardrobe, your home, etc. Get fixing broken pipes anything that needs fixing is only blocking and causing stagnant energy in your home and guess what it has a ripple effect in your life and your business. Aka bank account!

The instant you take care of these things and better care of yourself, (do you need a trip down the gym or a better diet?) you will see movement, something will change for the better.  If there is some area of your life that you are ignoring, not looking after it will ripple into other areas. Like your business and your bank account.   Anything causing frustrations, has you feeling angry, annoyed, small, blocks your energy causing kinks in your hose and your ability to magnetise more abundance, more prosperity into your own life. 

One of my clients just did this she went through her entire home, her relationships, her life. She decluttered. She got honest with herself, she listened to what her intuition was trying to tell her. She left her partner, (she’d been with him 6 years), but felt stifled, disconnected and miserable. She left a 6 figure claustrophobic job that she hated going to everyday, she found a passion for photography and is now starting her own branding/photography online business. And I’m singing her praises as her first client sign up this week. Oh did I mention she is doing the shoot in Cancun Mexico! Dream!!!!  That’s how we roll!

Anything is possible peeps. Don’t put your dreams on the fence and buy into the stories of “I will do  it when I have more money…’ or ‘I will when I get that promotion’ or ‘I will when I can make my partner see my way of thinking’.  That’s all waiting for some kind of permission slip.

Leave that toxic job or relationship.  Align with what you are being called to do. Change the way you do things. LITERALLY. When you change the way you think about things EVERYTHING around you changes. From the people to the experiences you pull into your life.

Whether you believe it or not the way’s we do things, the stories we have bought into RUN and sometimes RUIN our lives. Deep healing and transformation comes from doing what sometimes feels counter intuitive. Like changing something you think is part of your identity (like leaving a toxic relationship) or job you’ve done forever and doing something completely different. The next chapter, big change often comes from losing our identity and making a new one. I had to do it. And yes it’s scary to move out of the comfort zone but the rewards far out weight it.

I had to let go of a toxic relationship, move town, in fact I dove right into my transformation I bought 3 tickets, in the name of Thailand, Bali, and South of France.  I changed careers.  I’m not saying just changing things rewires every cell in your entire body but it’s a huge leap in the right direction, the mindset work and the healing takes place when you become aware of your own inner demons and shadow, forgive yourself and others and tap into that greater part of yourself.  When we can all move onto this train, we won’t only heal our own lives but this will ripple into the lives of others.

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