It’s Never too Late to stop Procrastinating with EFT!

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It’s Never too Late to stop Procrastinating with EFT!
We have all experienced it, those underlying fears and emotions that hold us back. The inner voice that tells us we cannot do something, feelings of insecurity, no motivation or all three.  This ‘P’ letter word shackles us to the very core.

Underlying procrastination is usually our core beliefs, limiting and self-sabotaging – the one’s that tell us we’re not good enough, not lovable, have to be perfect to be loved and so on.

We form these through our perceptions of the world.  Children before the age of 6 download everything from their environment and take on beliefs, attitudes and behaviour from their peers.  While comfortably inhabited in the mother’s womb a child is fed with her every emotion, thought and any stress she experiences.

During childhood, we continue to form beliefs from our parents and peers.  Were you allowed to speak up?  Was money scarce?    We experience a host of little and big trauma’s through childhood and adulthood.  These experiences leave their imprints.  We carry these stories with us our whole lives and they continue to play out – by sabotaging our potentials.  We know core beliefs affect every area of life – emotions, decisions, stress, confidence and faith in our ability and we perceive the world in relation to these core beliefs.  The big question is … how do we go about rewriting these?

The good news is we can and we do have the ability to rewrite them and take control of our lives transforming our futures. 

Energy psychology techniques are noted for having tremendous effects on our health and wellbeing.  They work on a subconscious level enabling us to unravel and unlock the chains that are holding us back.  Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT, is a cutting edge personal development tool, that is taking the world by storm, simple and easy to use.   Incredibly good at facilitating the rewriting of disempowering, limiting and self sabotaging beliefs held in the subconscious mind.

Many talking therapies can take years to complete the work EFT can do in just a short time.  It works by removing any emotional and traumatic experiences from the body by working with the body’s energy system by tapping on the acupuncture meridian points, instead of sticking needles into them we tap on them which allows memories from the past to surface.   Often these maybe long forgotten or vague scenes in our minds.   With EFT we tune into these memories and scenes, the tapping then collapses and releases the charge held in the memories.   A sequence of tapping points are used which moves and unblocks the body’s energy.   It takes time and patience, as we are like onions, forever peeling back the layers but if you wish for emotional freedom and to rid yourself of the blocks that hold you back, EFT is proven to get results … !

So, if you are fed up procrastinating, wanting to let go of limiting, self-sabotaging beliefs and begin to experience life through a new perspective, experience this life transforming tool and step into your own personal power.  For more information on this and other energy psychology tools and techniques; email