Are you Hemorrhaging Energy?

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Are you Hemorrhaging Energy?

Do you take time to recalibrate? I’m asking and reminding myself of this too. After having been quietly reminded by my own inner voice the other day. Why? Our energy is our fuel for life and if we don’t check in, we run the risk of wrecking ourselves. It’s really that simple and yet its something we often take for granted, telling ourselves we are to busy to put the to do list on ice for half an hour.

Our Energy is sourced from a higher place. But, if we are depleted, our energy becomes stagnated, it cannot flow. Vibrationally we hit an all time low, leaving us no where towards creating a Magical life, instead we are left dispirited, disengaged and worse still ill. And lets not even get started on the thoughts and emotions that come up for us then.

When I talk about a Magical life, I’m not talking in the sense of white rabbits out of a hat. I’m mean the kind of life where we are actually co-creating exactly what we love, one being full of riches on every level, regardless of what things look like on the outside. When we keep our energy high (by focusing on the things that lift us to great heights, not focusing on the dishes, or the laundry) you are vibrating in the place of least resistance drawing all your desires towards you. Yes, there will be tension, there is always going to be fear when we go for what we want but the more our Energy stays in alignment the more we move into our flow and the more we actually get done.

Twenty Minutes a day is enough to recalibrate and fill ourselves back up again, Meditate, get out in Nature – walk in the park. Energy comes from all these sources, visualisations too. Crystals are amazing battery rechargers.  Stop and breathe, (that’s always a good one) you would be surprised how many of us actually don’t breath properly.  Or, simply give yourself time to just sit and BE present.  A trick of mine, which I do a different parts of the day is to breath in the Energy from the Earth up through my feet into my whole body, visualising this making its way through and seeing the energy as a white light, going up  thought the top of my head enveloping this around me. Instantly I start to feel better, more energised, lifted and clear headed. This is a quick fix which takes you into the higher vibrations too as you reconnect with your higher self.  I know when I’m there as a spiritual teacher of mine use to always say, “Sarah you have a beaming smile across your face.”

Unless you take care of your Energy you will soon find yourself depleted again. So, give yourself some time out when its needed. Then see how everything starts to flow more easily, you know you want to be magnetising love, money and your tribe, so check yourself before you wreck yourself – daily.

Or, you can always take a break on one of these lovely hammocks! … I so want one for my garden. I’ve just found out they sell then in The White Company. You can order them online. Think I’m going to indulge. In the name of self care!

If there’s a fire in your belly and you want more … to create a soulful life, peppered in Miracles, shining your light for the World to see then join me over latte for a free discovery session.

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  1. This is a wonderful post Sarah – a great reminder to take care of ourselves and our precious energy. I feel busy and excited today as I’m off to Cornwall tomorrow. My to-do list before I go is long, but I’m taking some time out to stop, ground my feet into the earth and envelope myself in that powerful energy – just as you suggest. Thank you sweet lady xxx

    • Hey Katie, loving the sound of that…Cornwall is so beautiful! Have a lovely time and thank you! 🙂 xxx

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