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Hey love, can you think back to a time when you felt giddy with excitement, happiness and connection, with a sense of adventure, freedom and peace.  You didn’t feel stuck.  You didn’t have a care in the world as you weren’t confused.



You weren’t doubting yourself or living in fear. You were happy, alive living in the moment. Hold that thought! Imagine being surrounded by a sisterhood of women cheering you on, celebrating you. Feels kind a awesome doesn’t it?


These retreats are to awaken the wild, sensual, untamed woman.  We celebrate each other, come together and cheer each other on…We dive deep, we explore,  reach for higher levels of rich waking lives as we remove the beliefs and structures that have been in our way, making new beliefs and structures that leave us feeling giddy with contagious joy for life again.


No more fearing stepping out, as you feel empowered, you OWN your gifts and talents, you know you’re on purpose.  More importantly you can begin living from soul.


“What is a wild woman? Free, untamed, without restrictions (societal, self-insinuated or otherwise), unashamed of her beauty, stepping into her light, leading with her own intuitive compass, her raw & naked truth.” ~ Meredith Edwards


You will learn how to tap into and live from this higher place within us, discover how to listen and follow you own inner compass, where all the wisdom and a super intelligence resides.  You will notice and be amazed by how quickly life starts moving, changing, shifting and flowing as you step into a constantly run of synchronicity and intuitive hits. When you discover and start living from the six sense you shift into a new reality one that looks and feels very different.


You will dive deep to uncover what is lying dormant.


On all the retreats their is an element of working on the self.  The reason for this is from my own experience, I believe that intuition is a journey of self esteem. That is what i’ve experienced. A low self esteem means only one thing – you are going to be more concerned about what the voices are telling you in your head than what your higher mind is trying to communicate.  The more you learn to trust yourself, become empowered, the more you will grow to find intuitive guidance becomes your best friend, and she always has your back.


Do you have gifts you’ve been hiding from the world? Do you even know what these are or who you really are? On all these workshops you will dive deep, discover your essence, your sensual nature, your truth, who you’ve come here to be.


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