Awaken the Inner Goddess Sacred Circles & Soirees

Hey gorgeous

The feminine is rising. She is calling each and every one of us to rise up, to stand in our truth and remember who we are.  So I’ve created these sacred circles, a time for us to unleash the Goddess within by tapping into our own divine wisdom, sacred sexuality and intuition.

Can you think back to a time when you felt giddy with excitement, connected to a deeper sense of who you are?  When life felt magical, it was flowing with ease and synchronistic moments, where the right people at the right time were showing up?   You walked around wearing a smile on your face as as you were in love with life?  You felt supported.  You knew you could do anything, be anything, you could make the impossible dream possible?

Well I want you to hold that thought.  Imagine being surrounded by a sisterhood of like minded women cheering you on to step into he woman, and unleash the woman you came here to be.  All this is possible.

We are wired for connection.  Without this life can feel empty.  Your vibe attracts your tribe, so if you’re reading this know that we’re on the same page.  And so are those that will be joining us. Coming together as sisters we can co-create, discover new friendship, inspiration, feel nurtured, inspired and feel heard.

And with busy schedules sometimes we just simply need to take a pause, stop and give ourself some much needed soulful time.

That’s why I’ve created these monthly sacred circles, where we come together, have some fun, share our stories, be in the presence of other like minded women.  Relax, unwind and reconnect with your own divine magic and superpowers as a modern day woman.

Discover how to tap into a wellspring of creative/Shakti – to help you transform your life.  The moment you let go, breathe, tune in, cultivate that sexual energy life begins to move into flow. You will open yourself up to receive, fully in your feminine.

I will be sharing, practices, rituals and healing activations to help you:


  • Connect with your true power and divine feminine intuition to start moving through life with grace and ease without the struggle

  • Discover and learn how to tap into your  (heart led intuition and Higher Self led not gut led) massive difference when trying to make decisions

  • Tap into your own inner medicine for healing & learn ways to cultivate Shakti, your own sexual/creative energy to begin navigating through life with more grace and ease.  And direct into your creative projects and soulful business (if you have one)

  • Receive a healing activation in the group, when women come together the healing energy within the group is more powerful.

  • Discover how to access your own Akashic Records – Guides, Masters & Teachers for healing and powerful guidance

  • How to tune into the Oracle as an intuitive tool that connects with your innermost realms and Higher Self for daily guidance

So, if you desire to:


  • Raise your vibe & feel turned by for life

  • Move away from struggle into grace and flow

  • Tap into your own superpower & creativity

  • Feel more present, connected and inspired

  • Experiencing yourself creating magic (not the white rabbit in a hat kind), but feeling like you’re being supported by the Universe as your  manifesting powers begin to heighten. When we embody the empowered feminine, and move away from the wounded feminine  – life, in terms of relationships, our sex life, money, all flows to us more easily

I invite you to join us on a memorable day to just hang out and be you.  This day is all about helping you to connect with who you are at your core, your essence, timeless beauty and charm. Awakening the Goddess within. This is the medicine to help you connect with your soul’s purpose, if you require this, to magnetise more wealth, more intimate relationships where you are coming together as sisters and not competitors.

The modern day woman uses her creative energy to manifest. The more awake, alive and vibrant this is the more abundance rolls in. Our Shakti is the glue that holds us together. Become an Awakened Woman. Turn ON your own charisma, your creative magic for a lifestyle of inner peace, love, deeper intimacy, juicy business and ecstatic bliss.

It’s time to awaken your own inner Goddess.  Activate and discover your flow. You know when you’ve connected with your inner medicine, life flows. You stop bitching, complaining, comparing, feeling confused, anxious and experiencing financial drain. It’s all connected.

Are you ready to drop the mask and be vulnerable? Are you ready to go belly deep and begin experiencing an ecstatic life, releasing and reawakening the wild untamed woman you are here to be?

In the words of Isadora Duncan, “You were wild once, don’t let them tame you,”


To be held on the 5th August.  10.30 – 4.30pm. Drinks after.  Cost for the day £150, early bird price, £95 until 17th July.   Including lunch and a glass of Prosecco.  And as much tea, coffee, herbal, water, you can drink. Venue, a quintessential 16th Century English Retreat.  Places are limited.  Please let us know if you are vegan or vegetarian. For more information and to book please email


“Sarah has a real gift, she delivers a flow of information, guidance and inspiration. What she has said about me and my life has been spot on.

I’ve known Sarah for a few years now and seen her when I’ve need a strong leading figure in my life and some reassurance. She has a way of helping you to realise that your demons are nothing to fear and should be embraced.

What she does and how she does it is massively intriguing it leaves me wanting more. She’s supported, helped and guided me through life when I’ve felt lost. She has encouraged me to believe in myself and continuously held a light for me. As she takes you under her wing in her country home, you feel like you’ve come home! it’s nothing short of a fairy tale retreat.

Somewhere you can escape from all the troubles, as she turns her attention and magical healing energy your way – I love this Lady!” Serena Williams, London