Serendipity that felt like Sipping Champagne!

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Serendipity that felt like Sipping Champagne!

Do you believe that there is something mysterious being woven into the fabric of your every day life?


The year 2007, was a whirlwind, I’d just separated from a 17 year, relationship, changed careers and left sleepy Norfolk for city life in London, leaving everything familiar behind. Friends thought I was crazy, so did my rational mind, but deep down I knew I was doing the right thing.   I’d been numb for too long. I hit bottom after the breakup and my own lack of self-love came into view as my fears came crashing to the surface.


Listening to that small inner voice, I chose to leave that life and everything that came with it and trust my intuition. My plan was a new life in London, to work on a Magazine then take off travelling around the globe to write.


Winding forward after 4 long, tiring and unsuccessful weeks of pounding the pavement flat hunting to find a place in North London, I was on my last and final attempt. I had only 4 days left before starting work at a Magazine.


I’d been relying on as estate agents had assured me there was no chance on my budget I would find what I was looking for. I did have my sights on Hampstead Heath, but the average price for a flat was a little out of my budget. But coming from green leafed Norfolk, I needed trees lots of them and Hampstead Heath had plenty. But time had run.


That morning I kept hearing the song, ‘don’t worry be happy now,’ in my head, so instincts told me everything was going to work out. How? I had no idea.


I found a quaint coffee shop over the canal in Little Venice, Maide Vale. If I could have stayed in the vicinity of Little Venice I would have (they had trees too) but the reality was – just a coffee! I didn’t have £1500 for the weekly rent.


Exhausted I collapsed at a small table in the corner of the coffee house overlooking the canal, allowing my worries to pale into the distance. I started scribbling in my journal. I still had faith but I had no idea how this was all going to unfold. So for the next 30 minutes at least I was going to enjoy my Mocha.


Nothing could have prepared me for what happened next. This very refined lady who looked like she’d just walked off the front cover of Vogue Magazine walks over and sits beside me. Smiling and giving out a sign of relief to be off her 3 inch Louboutin heels. “Wow” that looks delicious” she said, I must have one of those. Admiring my Mocha heaped with cream. The events that followed were nothing short of surreal.


Another charming Woman walks in and joins us. She is laced in fine jewelry, saddled with Gucci bags and wearing Ralph Lauren. One of the ladies introduced herself as Amanda she was a practicing Buddhist, the other lady Emma, a real estate agent. Intrigued by my story, a country girl moving to London, flat hunting, changing career’s, walking away from a 17 year relationship all in one big sweep. ‘It’s a life laundry,’ I said smiling.


We sat talking for about two hours. After discovering I had looked at 25 places with no joy, Emma, turned to Amanda, “You’ve been thinking of renting your attic room haven’t you?” Mandy’s eyes lit up, she turned to face me, “Yes, I have a very large room in the eves, with an en-suite bathroom, in a big house, I rattle around in all day, I’m retired. But most of the time I’m never there as I’m off travelling to different retreats, so you are very welcome to come and have a look if you like. I’ve been looking for someone trust worthy and you look like someone who can be trusted.” She said.


Where do you live? I asked. “Hampstead,” she said. Everything started to move very fast, Bobby McFerrin’s song, ‘Don’t worry be happy now’ was now playing on the radio, just as I’d heard that morning in my head. “It’s a sign, it’s a sign, Maher Baba, ‘a (Tibetan Lama)’ would call this serendipity,” Amanda said out loud. While I sat there in awe of what had just happened.


By that afternoon I was at Amanda’s house in Hampstead, served with high tea and biscuits. Admiring a fabulous living area in the eves, spanning the whole house. Furnished with Chaise Lounge, queen sized bed draped in gorgeous linens and French doors that opened to a balcony looking over a beautifully tendered garden.


“The whole top floor will be yours,” Amanda said. “I’m thinking I’m in heaven – as Hampstead wasn’t on my vision board. Weeks of searching for somewhere to live and in one afternoon I’m saved by a Mocha. With more trees than I bargained for at Hampstead health. The weekly rent only £130.


In the weeks that followed my time with the practicing Buddhist felt like felt sipping Champagne. In fact on many nights we did sit sipping Champagne and chatting about stories.


In 2007 I see my first encounters with synchronicity. Today I believe there is no such thing as coincidence. As Albert Einstein said, “coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.”


The Universe orchestrated everything. I didn’t have to go looking – the stories found me. Real life miracle stories were coming at me faster than I could write them.  Life through the spiritual lens was no longer about tarot cards, incense sticks and meditation. I was opening up to a greater understanding.


Miracles were happening, life had moved into the fast lane. Any time I doubted anything Amanda would look at me and say, “Just ask, what should I do now? Where should I go? Who should I speak to? (A Course in Miracles.) Be patient and open, just surrender, you will be shown the way!”


Intuitively I knew my time with the practicing Buddhist, the nights in sipping Champagne and talking until the early hours in the morning were priceless and would be etched in my memory forever. Grace arrived in the form of my fairy Godmother.















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