The Gatekeeper to your Highest Calling!

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The Gatekeeper to your Highest Calling!

If the road you’re is taking you in the wrong direction, you just gotta get off that highway and leave room for something bigger and better to take its place!  Are you listening to the inner urgings, your desires and soul cravings will light the way … are you listening?

Have you been feeling unsettled, a little confused, doubting yourself, hearing the whispers from your own inner voice calling you urging you to take that leap? Are you feeling the tension? Are you battling with the voices that whisper, “I cannot do this?’ “I want to but…”
Once we open that door there is no turning back, if we do the pain of staying stuck becomes unbearable. It is always in our best interest to listen to those intuitive nudges that are beckoning us forward and keep our eye on the prize, here is where the we open ourselves up to receive.

Time to buckle up and enjoy the journey of your life, let go and let the Universe take the wheel! Then see what happens, see what the miraculous has in store, trust and follow your intuition it will never lead you astray. One can expect to feel lost, disconnected and fearful at times but in this holographic world everyone is us, our world is reflecting back parts of ourselves like a giant mirror. So we know where to get to work.


Your triggers are treasures and Gatekeeper’s to your highest calling.


Your triggers are treasures and Gatekeeper’s to your highest calling. They are an opportunity for more growth, more expansion, to let more light in and higher levels of consciousness. So we can recognise them for the illusion they are.

FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL (FEAR) The separation from the greater part of ourselves is merely an illusion. When we can make peace, forgive, accept and love these parts we set ourselves free.
Letting them know their work is done, we recognise them for what they are and no longer need them, they can go back to sleep as they are like children keeping us sitting on the beach and not in the water. We can let them know we are not up the creak without a paddle lol!! We are not going to sink. There is always another level, more light, more ascension, more growth, more expansion and more joy … our inner gypsy is waiting.

You are not separate, you are not alone! The ego creates a script all of its own and it started this at the around the age of 5/6, we know this from the famed psychologist, Carl Yung. We were innocence and knew we were capable of anything, tapped into our six sense until life and it’s conditions came and we slowly started editing out this grandeur part of ourselves then it became something like this:

“I’m not good enough”
“I’m all alone”
“I cannot do this!”
“What will people think”

Yada yada yada!!!! I know them well… I won an Oscar for these.


Can you relate? I just thought I would send you a gentle reminder of how amazing you really are. We all need reminding from time to time. We all need reminding that these voices are just childhood drama’s and we can stay out of the stories once we recognise them for what they are and ask ourselves…

• When do I remember first feeling like this

• Tune into your body … see what surfaces, any thoughts, impressions

• Ask you intuition to show you, a memory, an event of when this belief first triggered. Our subconscious mind is storing all these experiences. So, if you have been experiencing confusion, doubt or any ego backlash over the last few weeks just know you soul is urging you to now release this stuff.


Show up and thrive! Daily, check yourself before you wreck yourself, everyday ask: “How do I feel?” Your emotions are your barometer of where you are and what experiences you are manifesting into you life! If we want to be feeling into our desires and manifesting them hanging out in a high vibe is where it’s at! So stay in your power, recognise the inner critic when it surfaces. Don’t let it take you down! The clearer your energy the more you are able to come into soul alignment with your gifts and open the door to your ideal clients too. There is no more struggle as they find you! They recognize you, they’ve been waiting for you.

• Make a decision and start before you are ready! If you wait until you are ready you will never act, the right time doesn’t exist.

• Show up everyday – do one thing everyday out of your comfort zone, be a YES! Let the Universe know you’re in the GAME!

• Set your intentions and know ‘WHY’ you are doing something, don’t worry about the ‘How’s’ it going to happen, the field of opportunities around us sorts that, we just have to stay conscious and take action on what’s in front of us.

• Jump in the water and follow the dots, your intuition is leaving. Connect with your Higher Self in meditation, or the ritual of prayer and ask your intuition to lead the way.

You have a dream, don’t just dip your toe in the water, jump in.  Fill you Facebook feeds, your twitter feeds, instagram with people that are making it happen. Join other groups with people sharing the same interests and high vibe. And most of enjoy the ride!!

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