‘What If?’ Connect with your Divine Power & Magic. Trust the Fire between your Thighs

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Ever have those moments when you wonder ‘what if’… I had left my job to start my own business, worked with that person you felt so drawn to, bought that house, or travelled the world, when the opportunity arose?’

I sat here musing this morning over a decision, a £5,000 decision, so I wasn’t going to make it lightly. I weighed up the pros and cons and before I knew I had talked myself out of it. I had headed straight into Gremlin City! You know those voices that hang out in the basement!  Sound familiar?  Suddenly, I started to hear my inner voice saying, ‘you know you are only going to be asking yourself, ‘What if?’ in a years time.

Thankfully I’ve learned by now to trust my intuition and as She knows better than me, so once I’ve weighed everything up and made a decision that leaves me feeling less than inspired. I know I’m on the wrong vibe. Heading straight into ‘what if city,’ to only be left kicking myself a year down the line and her saying, ‘I told you so!’

Often we go through life waiting for something or someone’s permission to do something, when in actual fact that’s all we end up doing is waiting but life is happening right now. The present moment is all we have and yet often we focus our attention on the future wishing for something to happen, be that a certain amount of money to come to us, an opportunity or a person to give us what we need, (fact – no one is coming to save you!). Save that to hard drive darling!

We live in exciting times.  So you have to reach out for what you desire.  In the online business world today, we are seeing many 6,7, & 8 figure business taking root.  Women are stepping into CEO positions, now more than ever before and looking after their new born babies.  Hats off!!!  A new wave has hit one where we are doing business differently.  We are connecting more with our inner medicine, our feminine gifts of intuition, compassion, creativity, inspiration and learning how to surrender and receive.

Moving into flow with our bodies, listening to our own cycles, slowing down, taking a pregnant pause when we need to, to fill up our inner wells, to receive inspiration.  We are so much more in-tune with ourselves, our bodies and or own needs.  Following our truth, aligning ourselves with our soul’s purpose and divine gifts and what lights that fire between our thighs.  No longer waiting for permission, we are jumping.  And the result is nothing short of miraculous.

So if you are one on the fence, don’t be left behind.  You owe it to yourself.  Yes you are going to be scared, yes you are going to do things you’ve never done before and yes you are probably going to shit your pants, (metaphorically speaking, I hope), but the time is now. If you have an inner calling to do something just know, you were born for this.

Think, Elizabeth Gilbert, Author of the bestselling novel Eat Pray Love, after her messy divorce had sat on the fence, ignoring the call to take off to Italy, India and Bali, or waited for permission from friends or family, Eat Pray Love would have never been birthed. Friends and family thought she was crazy to be leaving at such a vulnerable time in her life. Penniless and dispirited, she put her faith in a higher power and bought 3 tickets! Taking off to eat through Italy, find peace in India and meet Ketut Lier, a Healer in Bali. Even though it went against all logic. No longer could she live through someone else or wait for something. Alas, 9 months later she found Love in Bali with a tall dark Brazilian and just over a year later delivers a bestselling novel, which turns into a 7-figure movie deal, which ends up a blockbuster, all from taking action on her vibes. ‘What if’ she had never bought those 3 tickets?

When we begin trusting our intuition and taking action on what is readily available, we move into the flow of life, we move into our flow.  A higher power, Universe/Spirit, Guides, our Angels all begin flirting with us – they are our helpers, our teachers co-creating with us opening up the floodgates for a stream of synchronicity to come into our lives.    We find ourselves with the right people in the right place at the right time attracting the right opportunities.  Whats not to like?

Time to act is now, miracles happen in the present moment. Listen to your intuition and tune into your own inner medicine and that fire between your thighs.  Act on the things that light a fire inside you. Tomorrow may never come, as sad as it is say it’s over in a blink of an eye. Life is to short to be putting things on the fence or waiting for someone else to give you permission to do what your heart is saying. Your heart will never lead you wrong but the mind and its inner Gremlins just might.

Your intuition will take you to places that are going to scare the crap out of you.  Why? It’s highly likely you will be shown or guided to do things way out of your comfort zone but remember this is where the magic happens.  Your ego will always be ready to pounce at the first opportunity trying to convince you that you are crazy.  Listen to the heart, your intuition is on speed dial, so start dailing her up and listen to what She is trying to communicate and take that inspired action.  Then watch the magic begin to unfold.

In the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take, so remember your magic, remember who you are! Don’t wait for some light at the end of the tunnel.

Trust your Inner Medicine

1. Breathe and calm the mind for a few minutes to come into a neutral place.

2. With you hand on your heart, ask what would my intuition say if I …then fill in the blanks.

3. Stay present with your body, don’t look for a response just allow whatever surfaces to arrive unedited.

4. Your body speaks the truth so tune in.  First thought best thought.

5. The language of your soul is immediate – it may take you a day or two to receive the answer if new to playing with this – but practice makes perfect.

6.You may have a sense of a deep inner knowing that it’s a ‘YES or NO!  You can ask your mind to give you a red for NO and a green for YES.  Or you may receive a sign through some other person later that day. The Universe loves to send us messages through other people. You may be out walking, or having a latte with friends and your attention is drawn to a conversation that just happens to be about your question. Or you may hear a song come over the radio, giving you the go ahead.  Someone you randomly bump into at a bar may just happen to know the perfect source to unplug you from your dilemma and say one thing that clinches it for you.

7. You can always toss a coin, heads YES, tails NO! If you feel inspired you’re on a winner. If you feel gutted with the answer and not inspired, follow your heart.

Intuition is for your interpretation, the more curious you are the more you will build this muscle. Trust, follow the nudges and begin joining the dots. More will show up and your life will become peppered in miraculous moments.

Don’t wait for tomorrow, your life is happening now.  I invite you to join me for a Soul Alignment Session to bust through any blocks that are standing in your way. You can check these out under the work with me section. Pop your details in the pop up box to download your Gift, a meditation to Connect with your own Divine Power & Magic and receive a healing activation and clearing.






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